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Looking for the
Perfect Refreshing Sake?


Shinsei Junmai Daiginjo

Looking for the perfect refreshing sake? Shinsei Junmai Daiginjo is the one for you.
This refreshing sake served chilled accentuates its subtle flavor of fruits and
smell of rice blossoms. Brewed in Kyoto, Japan for over 300 years, we present
Shinsei to our Southern Californian customers, now available for purchase at your
local Costco.

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CEO Toshiro Yamagata


Not only is Toshiro Yamagata the chairman of Kuramoto US Inc., he is also the head of
the Yamaguchi Sake Brewers’ Association. He is the 4th generation kuramoto of the
Yamagata Honten brewery as well, and has been running it for over 45 years.

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