“Make Japanese Sake well known around the world.”

Kuramoto US Inc. was established 11 years ago in the city of Los Angeles as a pioneer to bring Japanese sake brewed locally (called Jizake) from different regions in Japan to the United States.

We are the first import company using refrigerated containers to allow us to provide consumers the freshest and highest quality products and now carry over 150 different sakes from 20 different brewers.

Our mission is to “Make Japanese Sake well known around the world” and we strive to be the cultural ambassador to the world for sake.

CEO Toshiro Yamagata

Not only is Toshiro Yamagata the chairman of Kuramoto US Inc., he is also the head of
the Yamaguchi Sake Brewers’ Association. He is the 4th generation kuramoto of the
Yamagata Honten brewery as well, and has been running it for over 45 years.


Sake is a brewed liquor similar to beer and wine. It is a traditional Japanese drink with a history stretching back over 2,000 years. Made from rice, a staple food of the Japanese people, sake is deeply rooted in our daily lives and is part of Japan’s unique drinking culture.

In order to provide the best quality sake to the world, we local brewers decided to cooperate and develop the 1st cold chain in the industry for exporting local brewed sake to the world.

As more and more people in the U.S. and other countries become increasingly interested in healthy Japanese food, sake is being consumed by people all over the world. Kuramoto US Inc, based in LA and NY, delivers high quality sake from 20 breweries, carefully selected from all over Japan to the US, and hope that as many people as possible can enjoy true, local brewed sake.

We hope that as many people as possible will be able to enjoy genuine local sake. We will continue to strive to “Make Japanese Sake well known all over the world,” that is our policy.