About Boucho-Tsuru

Also known as “The Legendary Crane,” Boucho-Tsuru is a fine sake handcrafted by Yamagata Honten brewery. It is a brand name revived in 2019 from the original brand name when it was founded in 1875. After the previous toji (brewer) retired, the new toji, Mitsuhiro Ogasawara, completely changed the taste of sake for the better. Brewed from rice fields in harmony with the cranes, each sip of this clean sake is refreshing and bright.


Light and dry with a hint of fruits from peaches to permission to apples. With such an expressive and lively taste, it also has a rich tingle and a subtle bitterness that has a well-balanced, long finish.

Food Pairing

Boucho-Tsuru goes well with lightly flavored dishes such as

  • Sashimi (raw fish)
  • Specialties of Seto Inland Sea, Conger Pike Octopus and Halibut
  • Shellfish and Oysters
  • Vietnamese Spring Roll
  • Fruit Salad with Balsamic Vinegar

Grade: Junmai Muroka
Koji Rice: Yamadanishiki 60%
Kake Rice: Yamadanishiki 60%
Yeast: Yamaguchi Yeast 9E
SMV: +4
Amino Acid: 0.8
Acidity: 1.4
Alcohol: 17.0%

720 ml

Muroka sake, or unfiltered sake, is a small percentage of all sake produced which is what makes Boucho-Tsuru unique. The lack of filtration gives the sake a straw-like color and a bolder flavor than other standard kinds of sake.


Sake Meter Value (SMV)

The higher the SMV, the more savory the sake is.
The lower the SMV, the sweeter the sake is.


The higher the acidity, the dryer and richer the sake.
The lower the acidity, the sweeter and lighter the sake.

Boucho-Tsuru’s Sake Meter Value (SMV) is +4 and has an acidity of 1.4, making it a light and dry sake.

In Harmony with Nature

Yamagata Honten brewery aims to work harmoniously with nature to handcraft the highest quality sake and Boucho-Tsuru reflects that. Each of the patterns in its logo represents a part of nature that contributes to the making of Boucho-Tsuru.


The water from the ocean evaporates and turns into clouds, causing rain and snow to fall on the mountains.


Rain and snow seeps into the soil of the majestic Chugoku Mountains. Yamagata Honten uses the Mountain’s fresh underground water for brewing Bouchotsuru.


The mild climate of the Seto Inland Sea allows the sake rice to grow abundantly in the full glow of the summer sun.


Water evaporated from the seas creates fresh rainwater that hydrates the fields to grow healthy and organically.


Boucho-Tsuru is 100% made from locally-grown rice “yamadanishiki” from the Yamaguchi prefecture, supporting local farmers.

Yamagata Honten

“If you drink sake wholeheartedly, you can conquer the world.”

Yamagata Honten, a small brewery in the Yamaguchi prefecture near the Island of Seto, has been handcrafting their fine sake for over 130 years since 1875. By using locally grown “yamadanishiki” rice, its starchy center and low amounts of fat and proteins create a well sake production. This brewery is also known for donating their profits to the preservation of the Hooded, Crane, and endangered species and the official bird of Yamaguchi.

Established: 1875
Location: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Representative: Toshiro Yamagata

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