Kaori Mikan

About Kaori Mikan

Also known as “Aromatic Tangerine,” Kaori Mikan is a Junmai sake-base mandarin liqueur. Great to use as a cocktail ingredient, like Exotic Mimosas, or serve as a dessert wine.


Refreshing citrus notes with a touch of nectarine. Subtle bitterness of its skins mix up nicely and unfold in the palate. Very elegant sweetness leads to the finish.

How to Enjoy

Kaori Mikan goes well with

  • Ice
  • Hot Water
  • Club Soda

Grade: Japanese Orange Sake
Koji Rice: Saitono Shizuku 60%
Kake Rice: Saitono Shizuku 60%
Yeast: Kyokai 9
SMV: -55
Amino Acid: 2.5
Acidity: 5.5
Alcohol: 7.0%

360 ml

Yamagata Honten

“If you drink sake wholeheartedly, you can conquer the world.”

Yamagata Honten, a small brewery in the Yamaguchi prefecture near the Island of Seto, has been handcrafting their fine sake for over 130 years since 1875. By using locally grown “yamadanishiki” rice, its starchy center and low amounts of fat and proteins create a well sake production. This brewery is also known for donating their profits to the preservation of the Hooded, Crane, and endangered species and the official bird of Yamaguchi.

Established: 1875
Location: Yamaguchi Prefecture
Representative: Toshiro Yamagata

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