About Shinsei

This refreshing sake has been brewed since the founding of Yamamoto Honke over 300 years ago. It has a light aroma of rice blossoms and is best served chilled. The clean and crisp taste makes it popular for those new to drinking sake. Pure and true, Shinsei is the kind of sake you want to drink again and again.


Medium dry with subtle sweetness and smooth feeling in the mouth. As it touches the palette, a sensation that is mellow yet delicate is experienced. Notes of marshmallow appease your senses, while not being too overpowering.

Food Pairing

Shinsei goes well with lightly flavored food such as

  • Sashimi (raw fish)
  • Dashi-maki Tamago (seasoned Japanese omelette)
  • Grilled Meat and Seafood
  • Dried Squid
  • Papaya Salad

Grade: Junmai Daiginjo
Koji Rice: Kyo no Kagayaki 50%
Kake Rice: Kyo no Kagayaki 50%
Yeast: Kyokai 1801
SMV: +2
Amino Acid: 1.4
Acidity: 1.3
Alcohol: 15.0%

300 ml

720 ml

Before making sake, the outer surface of rice grains are shaved off to remove proteins, fats, and minerals to create different flavors. This rice polishing process consists of three groups: Junmai, Ginjo and Daiginjo.

Junmai Daiginjo requires a rice polishing ratio of 50% or less and is made without the use of alcohol, giving Shinsei the highest quality of milling rates. This kind of sake is produced in smaller quantities because it relies on more traditional, hands-on methods. Showcasing the highest level of craftsmanship, brewers hone in their skills and knowledge to achieve the perfect balance of flavors.

Sake Meter Value (SMV)

The higher the SMV, the more savory the sake is.
The lower the SMV, the sweeter the sake is.


The higher the acidity, the dryer and richer the sake.
The lower the acidity, the sweeter and lighter the sake.

Shinsei’s SMV is +2 and has an acidity of 1.3, making it a light and dry sake.

Yamamoto Honke

“Bringing traditional sake to our customers, spun by the depth of history.”

Yamamoto Honke is a long-established sake brewery that has been doing business in Fushimi, Kyoto for over 300 years. By traditional Kyoto techniques and one of the highest quality natural water in Japan called “shirakikusui,” this company is able to provide the finest sake in the area. Yamamoto Honke is grateful for the blessings of mother nature and fully utilizes it in order to carefully brew their sake.

Established 1677
Location Fushimi, Kyoto
Representative Eleventh generation Yamamoto Genbei

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