About Suijin

Also known as “God of Water,” Suijin is a sake that reflects a great typicality of the premium water from the Iwate Prefecture. Powerful and smooth like a dragon coursing through a river, Suijin’s dry profile elevates any dish, making it the perfect sake to serve during any occasion. Try warming it up during cold days or chilling it for those hot summer days.


A “super dry” sake. Aroma of steamed rice, dash broth, and a touch of floral notes such as jasmine. On the palate, you can feel the depth and complexity with a hint of umami.

Food Pairing

Suijin goes well with lightly flavored dishes such as

  • Sashimi (raw fish)
  • Dashi-maki Tamago (seasoned Japanese omelette)
  • Grilled Meat and Seafood
  • Dried Squid
  • Papaya Salad

Grade: Junmai
Koji Rice: Rice cultivated in Iwate 70%
Kake Rice: Rice cultivated in Iwate 70%
Yeast: Kyokai 701
SMV: +10
Amino Acid: 1.4
Acidity: 1.5
Alcohol: 16.5%

300 ml
720 ml
1800 ml

Before making sake, the outer surface of rice grains are shaved off to remove proteins, fats, and minerals to create different flavors. This rice polishing process consists of three groups: Junmai, Ginjo and Daiginjo.

“Junmai” means pure rice and can be made from any rice polishing ratio (RPR). This is sake that is brewed without using alcohol and doesn’t use a highly polished rice like ginjo and daiginjo. Junmai has rich flavors of rice enjoyable at warm temperatures, and the fuller flavor profile generally can be paired with stronger flavors.

Sake Meter Value (SMV)

The higher the SMV, the more savory the sake is.
The lower the SMV, the sweeter the sake is.


The higher the acidity, the dryer and richer the sake.
The lower the acidity, the sweeter and lighter the sake.

Suijin’s SMV is +10 and has an acidity of 1.5, making it a light and dry sake.


“Positively wrestling with environmental problems from the awareness of importance of resources as a sake maker.”

Asabiraki was established by Geno Murai, “Samurai” of Nanbu Clan in 1871 (Meiji Era). Located in the Iwate Prefecture, Asabiraki is led by master brewer Masahiko Fujio and a winner of 20 gold medals at the National Sake Appraisal. This brewery features its rice and water through the masterful techniques of one of the top Nambu brewers, the most famous brewery schools in Japan.

Established: 1871
Location: Iwate Prefecture
Representative: Masahiko Fujio

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