Yamagata Honten

“If you drink sake wholeheartedly, you can conquer the world.”

Yamagata Honten, a small brewery in the Yamaguchi prefecture near the Island of Seto in Japan, has been handcrafting their fine sake for over 130 years since 1875. By using locally grown “yamadanishiki” rice, its starchy center and low amounts of fat and proteins create a well sake production. This brewery is also known for donating their profits to the preservation of the Hooded, Crane, and endangered species and the official bird of Yamaguchi.

Established 1875
Location Yamaguchi
Representative Eleventh generation Yamamoto Genbei

The History of Yamagata Honten

Founded in 1875
Toshiro Yamagata
Release of Kaori

Yamagata Honten was founded in 1875 in the Kume district of Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture.

As the 4th generation owner of Yamagata Honten, Toshiro Yamagata has been running the brewery for about 45 years.

Mr. Yamagata noticed the popularity of cold beer and created the first sake meant to drunk cold in Japan, Kaori, which is the Japanese word for “aroma.”


Sake Brewing

Brewing with heart

Brewer handcraft with all their soul everyday so that customers can enjoy delicious sake saying, “If you make sake with all your heart, you can convey your feelings to people all over the world.”

Traditional & Innovative

While valuing tradition, Yamagata Honten is also taking on the challenge of new attempts.

Commitment to Rice

Sake ingredients produced in Yamaguchi are carefully cultivated by farmers in an environment-freindly economy.

Plum Wine

Plums are washed to increase the scent and are slowly soaked in aged rice shochu. Because of this commitment, Yamagata Honten’s plum wine has a simple and rich taste.

Direct Sales Shop

The Yamagata direct sales shop uses a building that used to be a playhouse from the Edo period in the late Meiji period. This store sells sake directly at the sales office adjacent to the quaint sake brewery. Shipping is available by courier. Feel free to stop by and please note that it may take some time to prepare the sake as it will be brought directly from the sake brewery.
  • Address 2933 Kume, Shunan City, Yamaguchi Prefecture

  • Business Hours 9:00-17:00 (Lunch Break 12:00-13:00)

  • Phone Number 0834 (25) 0048

Covid-19 Updates

In order to prevent the spread of the new Coronavirus infection, Yamagata Honten takes into
consideration the health of their customers and employees and wear masks.

A disinfectant solution is installed at the counter. Yamagata Honten always opens the
entrance to ventilate the brewery and carry out shopping and shipping by courier as usual.

Yamagata Honten appreciates their customers’ understanding and cooperation.

A brewery that
saves the cranes

Hooded Crane Preservation

Hooded Cranes can be found in the wintering sites of Japan, Korea, and China and are close to being classified as an endangered species. Being the official bird of the Yamaguchi prefecture in Japan, Yamagata Honten has taken the initiative to share their fields with the Hooded Cranes, feeding them their diet of a variety of insects. This harmonious relationship also allows the brewery to handcraft organic sake without the use of pesticides. In addition, Yamagata Honten donates a portion of their profits to the preservation of the Hooded Cranes.

Learn more about Hooded Cranes here https://nationalzoo.si.edu/animals/hooded-crane

Official Yamagata Honten Website http://www.yamagt.jp